Домой Общество API platform for mass mailing to clients

API platform for mass mailing to clients


In the modern age of information technology development, almost everyone knows how to use a smartphone and the Internet. And no one can be surprised when the next message from the company about the ongoing promotions comes to the phone. If you think about it, you can imagine that a person manually dials all the numbers and writes a message. But no, it’s much simpler. There are special platforms that specialize in mass mailing and other customer information services.

sms gateway provider api it is just one of the services of such platforms that can help with the mailing list of any company. In order to get advice or use the platform’s service, just go to the official website of the platform and call the specified phone numbers or write in the online form. After that, the specialist will contact you and provide all the information you need.

The features of the API platform are in demand and popular and consist in the following parameters.

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First, the ability to send a message to a single subscriber or a group of people.while maintaining the unique code of each message.

Secondly, the ability to send a message with a delay or at a convenient time. That is, you can set a timer, specifying the time at which it will be convenient to receive the message to the recipient.

Third, the ability to view the delivery statuses. With their help, you can understand whether the message was delivered or not.

Fourth, the ability to use HRL queries. With these indicators, you can understand whether a subscriber is roaming or not, whether it is available or not, and many other parameters.

Fifth, with a single request, you can find out the operator of the subscriber to whom the messages will be sent.

Sixth, the ability to request a price. Thus, you can find out in advance the cost of sending a message to a particular operator.

Using the mass mailing service is convenient for any enterprise format. After all, you can not only control your financial capabilities to inform potential customers, but also expand your target audience and attract new customers.

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